About the Archive

 Since the opening of this library, we have focused on collecting bibliographies on clothing and the related fields. In particular, we have been collecting rare books, magazines, fashion plates, etc. from the 16th century to the 19th century.
 This archive is based on “Rare Book Database” created in 2001 and contains digital images from about 60 titles in our rare book collection. Formerly, only sample images had been published on the website, but as we renewed our database system in April 2009, we started to publish all the images in the archive.
 At present, we are working on digitization of about 100 additional rare books mainly on ethnic costumes to add into the archive within FY2009. Furthermore, we are planning to expand the contents to provide users by the 60th Anniversary of the library in 2010.

  • The original database was built under METI grant-aided project in 2001.
  • The current renewal project is taking advantage of MEXT private educational institution grant for academic contents (Promotion of advanced information technologies).

418 titles
About 94,000 images
(March 2022)