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Content notes

The expository writings are reprinted from the following publications. (All copyrights belong to their respective author.)

  • Bibliography of costume : the collection of foreign books (published in Western languages) related to costumes, textiles and allied arts in the Bunka Women's College Library, 1980
  • European costume books from the collection of Bunka Women's College Library, 1985
  • Bibliography of costume, 1980-1989 : the collection of foreign books in the Bunka Women's University Library, 1990
  • Bibliography of ethnic costume in the collection of foreign books of Bunka Women's University Library, 1993
  • Catalogue of Western rare books : Bunka Women's University Library, 2000
  • An annotated catalogue of fashion periodicals from Bunka Women's University Library, 2005
  • Bunka Gakuen Library news

Plate caption

In principle, the captions are the same as the original captions written on the same page as the plates. However, if caption was provided separately from the plate in the original, e.g., caption provided in list of works on the first page or at the end of the material, we transcribed it to attach to the plate.
We transcribed the captions textually including apparent mistakes. If the original caption was written in more than two languages, we omitted Greek, Russian, Dutch, etc.
Some of the captions may contain infelicitous or discriminatory expressions. Please note that although we attempted to avoid those expressions as much as possible in making the translation into Japanese, we had to left some of those expressions to convey the nuances of the originals in some cases.

Artist name of plates

We transcribed the artist’s names written on the same page as the plates in the original, but omitted their roles such as painter of the original drawing, engraver, printmaker, etc.

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Title, author, subject, publisher, publication year, artist name of the plate, title of the plate, plate caption, file name

 About using image data

You may not copy, modify, or redistribute the contents of this archive without permission of the library and the copyright owner of the expository writings, except as otherwise permitted by the copyright laws. If you wish to use the image data, please contact us at the address below. Kindly let us know if you refer to this archive in your research paper, article, book, etc.

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions on this archive.

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